There are two creators in this project: Francis Bartolmay and James Schubert jr.

Francis has been tinkering with technology and programming for as long as he can remember. Eventually he got increasingly involved with his passion and went to Florida Tech to become a Computer and Electrical Engineer. Over the years he has worked in all kinds of tech projects including CNC controls and retrofitting, microcontroller design, computer controls for CNC machinery and robotics, harsh environment computer design, mission critical servers, Java, C, C# , .netmf and ASP. His company, A1net, is located in the center of the Kennedy Space Center tech hub. Francis interest for video and photography started while he was working for a as systems administrator of a satellite tv station.

James Schubert Received a PhD. from Rutgers University in 1991 and was a member of the Russian Academy of Science before retiring to do photography and acquiring an interest in timelapse movies. He has been doing timelapse photography using timelapse controllers from several manufacturers, running dollies and pan-tilt heads. He developed the current lensmotors over a period of three years, producing three previous variants before settling on the current design. He has also designed limited production and one-off accessories for motion control systems including custom tilt plates, extended tracks, quick change motors and magnetic timing belt clips. .